Seychelles tourism statistics

Tourism Statistics compiled and published relate to:

  1. Visitor arrivals by country of residence
  2. Visitor arrivals by purpose of visit
  3. Average length of stay of the visitors, and
  4. Hotel statistics (bed and room occupancy of licensed accommodation establishments)

See proposed changes to methodology for compilation of hotel bed and room occupancy statistics

Statistics Seychelles
Visitor arrivals statistics and the purpose of visit are obtained from immigration disembarkation cards completed by all incoming passengers at the airport and seaport. The information captured on these cards are analysed in accordance with World Tourism Organisation (WTO) recommendations.

The average length of stay is compiled from information captured on the immigration embarkation cards of the departing visitors.
Hotel statistics are obtained from information provided monthly by licensed accommodation establishments (hotels, guesthouses and self-catering apartments) on the number of rooms and beds available, and occupied.

In addition to the above data sources, a visitor’s survey is carried out on a quarterly basis at the main point of departure (Seychelles international airport). From this survey other important indicators are derived such as multi-destination holidays, return visits, level of enjoyment, place of stay and islands visited.

Earnings from tourism are obtained quarterly from the Central Bank of Seychelles.

Tourism statistics are published weekly, monthly, quarterly and annually.

You can access historical data series on visitor arrivals by country of residence and purpose of visit by clicking on the icon below.

Visitor Arrivals Annual Summary(By Region and the top 10 markets)

Statistics SeychellesStatistics Seychelles

Visitor Arrivals Data Series

Statistics Seychelles

Resident Departures

Departure of residents by destination and purpose of visit can be downloaded below.

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