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Merchandise Trade Statistics comprise of data on goods only for:

  • Imports (cif)
  • Domestic exports (fob) and
  • Re-exports (fob)

The source of data is bills of lading from Trades Tax / Customs records which provide data on quantities, values, country of origin and country of destination.
Data are analysed in accordance with the general trade system as recommended by the United Nations.
The headings in the current Seychelles’ tariff are based upon those of the Harmonized System [HS] Nomenclature. Tables are produced using both the SITC Rev3 and HS 2002 nomenclatures.
Imports are valued cif (cost, insurance and freight) whilst exports and re-exports are valued fob (free on board), excluding international freight charges and insurance costs.

Merchandise Trade Statistics are published on a quarterly and annual basis by country of origin, destination and value and quantity.

The Central Bank of Seychelles compiles figures for the Balance of Payments using the merchandise trade data compiled by the Bureau.

Merchandise Trade historical data can be downloaded by clicking on the icon below.

Statistics Seychelles

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