The Geographical Information Systems (GIS) unit mainly serves the requirements of census and survey operations in the provision and updating of Enumeration area (EA) maps.  From 2014 to date the bureau is conducting a mapping exercise on Mahe, Praslin and La Digue and in this process all households are visited and information on the households and its residents are captured and updated to the geo referenced dwelling frame. The objective of such a frame is that it provides an up-to-date sampling frame needed for conducting household based surveys and censuses.

A quality censusstarts with clearly locating all dwellings in the country. This enables every household to be visited, thus ensuring complete coverage of every person in all parts of the country.

The geo-referenced dwelling frame provides the location of each dwelling and is used for the delineation of enumeration areas. It also provides a list of household heads against which census data is collected. Other uses include matching and cross-checking census records in the post-enumeration survey.

The GIS unit is presently engaged with the compilation and printing of Enumeration Maps for the Voter Census in August 2017 (see sample map)

It is also imperative that a process of continuous maintenance be put in place to ensure a complete and updated frame for future household based and economic surveys.

[Sample Enumeration area (EA) Map]


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