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National accounts
At Current Market PricesSCR millionQ4/20205,049.84,728.2
At Constant Market Prices (2006 =100)SCR millionQ4/20202,037.21,925.5


Industrial Production index2013=100Feb/2175.965.7IPI
Labor market:
Employment (All sectors)ThousandQ4/202051.552.2


Labor market:


Labor market:
Wages/Earnings (All sector average)SCR Q4/202015,37114,830
Price index:
Consumer prices2014=100Mar/21122.20120.88CPI
Price index:
Producer prices2013=100Feb/21122.7124.9


RevenueSCR millionDec/191,340.16 1,037.2
TaxSCR millionDec/191,020.51 717.5
Other RevenueSCR millionDec/19304.06 290.1
GrantsSCR millionDec/1915.58 29.6
ExpenseSCR millionDec/19800.58 939.3
of which: Interest SCR millionDec/1926.20 198.1
Gross Operating Balance SCR millionDec/19539.58 97.9
Net Acquisition of NonFinancial AssetsSCR millionDec/19126.81 211.3
Net Lending (+)/borrowing(-) SCR millionDec/19222.99 (113.5)
Net Acquisition of Financial AssetsSCR millionDec/19(44.08)0.1
DomesticSCR millionDec/19(44.08)0.1
Net Incurrence of LiabilitiesSCR millionDec/19(18.43)45.1
DomesticSCR millionDec/19(32.99)58.7
Bank financingSCR millionDec/1962.73 121.4
Nonbanking FinancingSCR millionDec/19(95.72)(62.7)
Foreign SCR millionDec/1914.55 (13.6)
RevenueSCR millionDec/20 819.77 677.64
TaxSCR millionDec/20 588.35 592.84
Other RevenueSCR millionDec/20 215.26 69.00
GrantsSCR millionDec/20 16.14 15.79
ExpenseSCR millionDec/20 1,049.34 694.20
of which: Interest SCR millionDec/20 69.07 38.11
Gross Operating Balance SCR millionDec/20 (229.57) (16.56)
Net Acquisition of NonFinancial AssetsSCR millionDec/20 113.57 35.51
Net Lending (+)/borrowing(-) SCR millionDec/20 (343.14) (52.07)
Net Acquisition of Financial AssetsSCR millionDec/20 9.86 -
DomesticSCR millionDec/20 9.86 -
Net Inccurence of LiabilitiesSCR millionDec/20 758.55 81.61
DomesticSCR millionDec/20 748.69 66.55
Bank financingSCR millionDec/20 725.45 66.55
Nonbanking FinancingSCR millionDec/20 23.24 -
Foreign SCR millionDec/20 9.86 15.05
Total Gross Outstanding DebtSCR millionQ3/2020 16,394.67 16,224.34
Domestic debt by MaturitySCR millionQ3/2020 8,231.48 8,247.46
Short TermSCR millionQ3/2020 5,294.87 5,457.68
Long TermSCR millionQ3/2020 2,936.61 2,789.78
External Debt by MaturitySCR millionQ3/2020 8,163.19 7,976.88
Short TermSCR millionQ3/2020
Long TermSCR millionQ3/2020 8,163.19 7,976.88
BilateralSCR millionQ3/2020 1,772.13 1,821.15
MultilateralSCR millionQ3/2020 4,042.83 3,708.51
Commerial SCR millionQ3/2020 355.42 347.34
PrivateSCR millionQ3/2020 1,992.80 2,099.89
Total Debt GuaranteeSCR millionQ3/2020 979.66 970.49
External Debt GuaranteeSCR millionQ3/2020 186.49 116.52
Domestic Debt GuaranteeSCR millionQ3/2020 793.17 853.98
Depository Corporation SurveySCR millionCentral Bank Of Seychelles
Broad Money (M3)SCR millionFeb/2124,129.27 25,071.97
Money (M1)SCR millionFeb/217,238.25 7,485.32
Money (M2)SCR millionFeb/2112,890.01 13,268.55
Domestic AssetsSCR millionFeb/2114,473.55 14,813.21
Net Claims on GovernmentSCR millionFeb/213,859.07 4,119.67
Claims on Private SectorSCR millionFeb/219,777.82 9,855.18
Claims on Public SectorSCR millionFeb/21836.66 838.37
Net Foreign AssetsSCR millionFeb/2118,351.46 18,742.64
Other Items netSCR millionFeb/218,695.75 8,483.88
Central Bank Survey
Monetary baseSCR millionMar/215,501.95 5,585.68
Currency in circulationSCR millionMar/211,689.28 1,673.33
Other depository corporation surveySCR millionMar/213,062.17 3,544.35
Standing Deposit FacilitySCR millionMar/21750.50 368.00
Domestic Claims
Net Claims on GovernmentSCR millionMar/21-1,192.50 -1,204.98
Government DepositsSCR millionMar/212,377.55 2,390.03
Government CreditSCR millionMar/211,185.05 1,185.05
Other Items netSCR millionMar/214,239.47 4,419.55
Net Foreign AssetsSCR millionMar/2110,752.95 11,051.77
Interest RatesPercentage
Financial Soundness Indicators (FSIs)
Regulatory Tier 1 capital to risk-weighted assetsPercentageFeb/2114.17 14.03
Regulatory Tier 1 capital to assetsPercentageFeb/218.29 8.02
Nonperforming loans net of provisions to capitalPercentageFeb/2110.86 7.88
Nonperforming loans to total gross loansPercentageFeb/213.77 2.65
Return on assetsPercentageFeb/216.59 1.55
Liquid assets to short-term liabilitiesPercentageFeb/2137.04 63.29
Net open position in foreign exchange to capitalPercentageFeb/214.88 0.25
Stock MarketStock Market
Balance of PaymentsCentral Bank of Seychelles Statistics
Current AccountUSD millionQ4/20-36.81 -58.14
GoodsUSD millionQ4/20-71.43 -70.32
ExportsUSD millionQ4/20101.90 108.50
ImportsUSD millionQ4/20173.32 178.82
ServicesUSD millionQ4/2041.14 30.50
CreditUSD millionQ4/20144.23 135.42
DebitUSD millionQ4/20103.09 104.92
Primary IncomeUSD millionQ4/20-9.02 -14.23
CreditUSD millionQ4/201.43 1.80
DebitUSD millionQ4/2010.46 16.03
Secondary IncomeUSD millionQ4/202.50 -4.09
CreditUSD millionQ4/209.97 2.99
DebitUSD millionQ4/207.47 7.08
Capital AccountUSD millionQ4/204.51 3.68
CreditUSD millionQ4/204.51 3.68
DebitUSD millionQ4/200.00 0.00
Financial AccountUSD millionQ4/20-25.21 -59.08
Direct Investment, AssetsUSD millionQ4/20-1.24 -1.19
Direct Investment, LiabilitiesUSD millionQ4/2042.64 27.80
Portfolio Investment, AssetsUSD millionQ4/2023.34 30.25
Portfolio Investment, LiabilitiesUSD millionQ4/20-9.53 -9.98
Other Investments, AssetsUSD millionQ4/20-20.38 -1.61
Other Investments, LiabilitiesUSD millionQ4/20-15.82 46.18
Reserve AssetsUSD millionQ4/20-9.63 -22.54
Net errors and OmissionsUSD millionQ4/207.09 -4.62
Official Reserve AssetsCentral Bank of Seychelles Statistics
Total Official Reserves AssetsSCR millionMar/2111,182.60 11,500.95
Foreign currency reservesSCR millionMar/2110,986.49 11,295.93
IMF reserves positionSCR millionMar/21104.77 109.53
SDRsSCR millionMar/2191.34 95.49
Gold; and SCR millionMar/210.00 0.00
Other reserve assetsSCR millionMar/210.00 0.00
Official reserve Assets and Other Foreign Currency AssetsUSD millionFeb/21Central Bank of Seychelles Statistics
Merchandise TradeCentral Bank of Seychelles Statistics
Trade Balance
Merchandise ExportsUSD millionFeb/2130.62 7.83
Merchandise ImportsUSD millionFeb/2157.12 105.43
International investment positionCentral Bank of Seychelles Statistics
Direct Investment AbroadUSD millionQ4/201,893.08 1,894.32
Portfolio InvestmentUSD millionQ4/20889.05 865.72
Equity securitiesUSD millionQ4/20832.67 832.67
Debt securitiesUSD millionQ4/2056.38 33.04
Other investmentsUSD millionQ4/201,244.55 1,241.70
Reserve assetsUSD millionQ4/20559.25 566.93
Direct Investment in Reporting EconomyUSD millionQ4/204,540.66 4,512.95
Portfolio InvestmentUSD millionQ4/20169.13 178.66
Equity securitiesUSD millionQ4/2056.57 66.10
Debt securitiesUSD millionQ4/20112.56 112.56
Other investmentUSD millionQ4/201,775.16 1,796.88
External debtUSD millionQ4/205,096.23 5,090.25 Central Bank of Seychelles Statistics
Exchange RatesCentral Bank of Seychelles Statistics

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